Catering services

We cater for special occasions of all sizes from 1 upwards, whether corporate or private, in Aberdeenshire and, for larger events, further afield. Sample menus with prices can be found here.


Unlike most caterers, we operate 7 days a week so we always have staff and stock on hand which allows us to respond rapidly and flexibly to your requests.

  • No minimum number: All parties from 1 guest upwards can be catered for.
  • Last-minute number changes: Because we always have stock and staff on hand, we can cope with last minute requests to changes to numbers so you don't have to commit weeks ahead of time to higher numbers just in case. Final numbers often change right up to the day before the event (see story in the box on the right).
  • Other late changes: For most events parties, we can accept late changes to date, location, service options and menu right up to the day before the event.

The first guest - that's you!

We aim to make your event as easy as possible for you. Our philosophy is that the host/hostess is the first guest so it should be as easy for you as it is for your guests. All we need to know from you in the first instance:

  • First and foremost, a chat about what you want from your event and how you see it in your mind's eye. That might require just a short phone conversation or it might be a few on-site visits. We aim to help you articulate and fulfil your goals.
  • the nature of the event
  • a rough indication of numbers
  • where and when the event is to take place

We will then give you the benefit of our experience to help you with all aspects of your event.

We'll take care of it

We cater in the widest sense of the word. Whatever you need to make your event a success is within our scope. Ask and we will do what we can to help (see story in lower right hand box) . We'll even organise the entire event for you. If you're request isn't in the list below then it's because we didn't have space to put it in:

  • menu selection: we can cater for most dietary restrictions e.g. nut and gluten allergies, veganism, halal, alcohol-free etc. We have an excellent selection of dishes suitable for vegetarians that also appeal to non-vegetarians. Most of our regular dishes are also gluten- and nut-free. We are also experienced in providing child-friendly dishes. We can of course help with the wine selection too.
  • options such as waiter service, provision of furniture, crockery, glassware, collection arrangments etc - we'll take care of it all but always subject to your approval.
  • decoration - not just of the food but also for the tables, rooms, garden etc. Attractive tablecloths and terracotta containers are a very popular, economical and effective way of adding style to your event.
  • anything else that will help make your event the success you hope for - we will even arrange transport or accomodation for your guests if required. Do you really want to serve the buffet in the room where you have your very expensive carpet? Perhaps we can put a temporary cover down or maybe arrange service in a different room. Maybe you don't want smokers smoking in the house but it's cold, wet and windy outside - a small marquee set up in your garden, with a light, a table and a couple of chairs will show you are the perfect host(ess).

Our experience

We've been in business for over 5 years now. We have successfully delivered inside and outside catering, private parties, corporate presentations, office parties, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties (from toddlers to adults), baby showers and open air festivals. We get excellent feedback on the work we do and can provide references on request.

Sample catering menus

For larger parties we offer tailored menus and rates. Examples of these menus can be found here.

We can also provide decoration, waiting staff and other extras, ask for details. Conditions permitting, we can prepare paellas in front of your guests.

Business catering
  • One-off events
  • Contract catering
  • Boardroom lunches
  • Buffet lunches
  • Corporate fun days
  • Training courses
Private catering
  • Weddings
  • Dinner parties
  • Celebrations
  • Drinks parties
  • Garden parties
Outside events
  • Marquee events
  • Marquee events
  • Barbeques
  • Open days
  • Paella parties
We have experience in a wide range of catering events.

See our sample catering menus with prices.

A very last minute change!

We recently had a full buffet gala dinner event for 250 guests, with waiter service, decorations and all the trimmings. At 11pm the night before the event the client called to say there had been a mix-up with the numbers and there would be 100 more guests than previously advised. Could we cope?

Because of the way we operate and the dedication of our staff, we were able to produce the extra food and deliver the extra resources required meet that challenge in full The event succeeded beyond the client's expectations.

Service beyond the norm

With two days to go, the organiser of a large event for an oil industry client mentioned the musicians had been unable to get all there equipment up from London. They were a couple of amplifiers short and they might have to cancel a performance. Some or our staff have musical contacts and with a few phone calls we managed to locate and deliver a couple of replacement amps in one day.