Origin and history of
Harina P.A.N.

What is it?

Harina PAN is used to make the white maize flour dough sometimes known as "masarepa" that is a basic ingredient in many staple Latin-American dishes such as Arepas, Hallacas and Tamales. There is also a yellow variety. The white and yellow varieties are made from white and yellow varieties of maize respectively. There is no colouring or bleaching involved. La Paella uses only the white variety and our stock comes from mills in Venezuela and Colombia.

Nutritional information

Harina PAN is an easily digested plain maize flour. It contains no additives. It is suitable for gluten-free and nut-free diets.


Preparing this flour was a laborious business, requiring the grains to be soaked, peeled and ground.

The 1954, the Venezuelan beer and malted drinks company Empresas Polar embarked on the development of an industrial production method, leading to the launch of the now famous Harina PAN in 1960.

The product rapidly gained universal acceptance in among housewives because of the tremendous saving in labour and its high quality. The original slogan was "Se acabó la piladera" which means something like "No more pounding" (maize was ground by pounding it in a larger mortar). Harina PAN has remained essentially unchanged since then, as can be seen from the original advertisements.

How to get it

Harina PAN is such an essential ingredient in Latin-American and especially Venezuelan cookery that there are entire websites dedicated to locating the nearest distributor. Indeed, we know from experience that one of the first questions most Venezuelans ask when they arrive in the UK is "Where can I get Harina PAN?".
The answer is now: from La Paella! We send Harina PAN by post all over the UK and the rest of Europe .

Harina Pan: the most popular brand of white maize flour in Latin-America.

Harina P.A.N.

We send Harina PAN by post all over UK and the rest of Europe. Call or email to order.